Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I got Ruckus when I was most in need of something furry and cute to make me look forward to going home. The day I got him I was looking to buy a hamster, unfortunetly the pet store had none. Well, seeing as I was so excited and wanting SOMETHING I ended up with Ruckus who just happened to be a gerbil. When I got him home I put him in his carefully made up cage that I had made all pretty just for him. He tore the place apart! I went to pick him up and he bit me. I started texting and calling everyone I knew, asking if they wanted a gerbil, free cage and all! Fortunetly for me, no one wanted him. He turned out to be more than just a little rodent. In his life he did alot! From trips to Richmond, sunbathing outside in the summer, killing crickets like a machine, starring in a short film 'Paws and Order', to living with half a tail, he put gerbils on the map. Typically these little animals are lucky to live up to 3 years old, Ruckus lived to almost 5! On Easter he passed away peacefully, eating all the sunflower and pumpkin seeds out of his dish and then dying in his sleep in his little bed. Rest in peace little buddy, thanks for broadening my horizon.

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  1. aw, I didn't know what "ruckus" was, sorry to hear that Erin.