Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Well Soon Dan!

On Friday night I was sitting at home playing some video games with Mackenziie, Wamblee and Dan were hanging out looking at Wamblee's paintball gear and fiddling with Lego. Mackenziie and I had been trying to get them to play with us but we were being ignored . Around 11pm Dan said he was leaving to go hang out with some friends. That was the last we heard from Dan until Saturday afternoon. Turns out on Friday night he crashed his truck into a tree, narrowly missing going down a 100 ft drop that would most definetly have killed him. Although he was "lucky" he now has a broken femur that has accumulated over 6 hours in surgury, a metal bar and over a hundred staples as well as jaw surgery for his broken jaw. He also broke his left cheek bone. Dan is in our thoughts and we are hoping for as speedy a recovery as possible. What a strong reminder to appreciate those in your life as you will never know when they will be taken away.

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