Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's been awhile!

Sorry I haven't written since last week, it has been so busy. On February 11th I celebrated my 21st birthday with most of my family and some friends. I was woken up at 6 by Gwen who told me to go outside and see what was on the front porch. It was flowers and a card, very sweet and worth waking up that early for! That evening we went to Paliottis ( one of the best Italian restaurants ever, you should try it) and came back home after for some exceptional Reese's blizzard ice cream cake! The best part was that my Dad, Mary, Nathan and my Uncle Ron ( random, haven't seen him for how long?) came all the way out from Richmond to share it with me. On Friday Gwen and Brad took me out to the Old Spaghetti Factory in Surrey, mmm the mizithra with spaghetti was DEE-LISH! On Saturday I woke up (well, Gwen woke me up with her texts!) and went to help Gwen clean out some of the dogs kennels. After that we headed downtown Vancouver to go to an Olympic womens hockey game! We waited in a big line outside the Bay on Granville street, hoping to get some red zip up olympic sweaters, which of course they were out of, but we both got something we liked anyways. After that it was game time! The lines were not nearly as bad as people were saying they would be. After a quick energy drink and a snack, we were inside and ready to watch the slaughter of Slovakia. We won 18 - 0!! At the end of the game they did a close up of Slovakias goalies face and she was crying, understandably. I almost felt bad for her, almost! I felt so proud to be Canadian! After the game Gwen and I decided to walk back to the car instead of catching the skytrain. The atmosphere downtown was just so cool, everyone was happy. All the homeless people had been "hidden" away, I wonder where they have gone? Sunday I woke up super late, exausted from the day before. Made my way up to Gwens house where we had a nice lunch and then finished up the last two dog kennels. Monday I did nothing at all and it felt so good! Now it's today and I have to work tomorrow. Gwen is going to meet me after work with one of the dogs and I'm going to have dinner over at her house. Not sure if I work Thursday or not but if I don't I need to do my taxes! Hopefully I will get lots and lots of money to put towards school. Goodnight everyone! Talk soon =)

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