Friday, March 5, 2010

Thankful for my PUG!

I was looking through Gwens blog today and I came across some pictures that she had posted from our very first dog run together. It made me think of how far we had come as friends. When I first heard her on the phone it was the summer of 2008. She was asking if I would like to come up to her house and 'try out' to be her kennel help. Turns out my Moms ex boyfriend works with her husband, who happened to mention that his wife was looking for some help with her dogs, occasional feedings, that sort of thing. At this point I was working at a pet store and I was excited to work with animals some more. When I first met Gwen I was VERY intimidated by her. She seemed so self assured and confident. She took me out to the dog yard and introduced me to the dogs, kennel by kennel. How was I going to remember all their names when they all looked the same to me? Well, gradually I got to know the dogs as well as their owner. Turns out Gwen wasn't so scary after all. She was very straightforward and would always let me know exactly what she meant so I always knew where I stood with her. In October she invited me to go for an ATV run with the dogs up in the sunshine valley. After that morning my respect level for her and her dogs multiplied by millions. I was in awe at the teamwork between dogs and driver. Soon after this run Kit Kat had her puppies which then required more help from me as Gwen was very busy, working two jobs! That December Gwen asked me if I would like to come along to Camp K with her, not only as 'Cheif Puppy Minder' but also to have a chance to learn how to ride a dog sled. That trip brought us very close together. Since then we have gone on numerous trips together, lived together, lost together, and learned ALOT between us. Gwen has become more than a friend to me, she is also one of my biggest role models. My PUG (Parental Unit G) means the World to me and I am pretty sure I would be lost without her!!!


  1. What a beautiful post, Erin! I'm sure it means the world to Gwen to hear how you feel. I also love the new blog look!

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